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2010 Battle on the Bluff Results

The NPC 2010 Battle on the Bluff Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini was held July 24 at Sam's Town Hotel and Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Promoter Chris Caudy, owner of Next Level Training, Memphis (also an NPC judge and bodybuilding champ), delivered an outstanding event as expected! As you may know, this is just the second year for NPC bikini events, and the bikini girls really turned out!                       

We were so disappointed that we didn't get to attend (Jimmy was competing at the Nationals in Pittsburgh) but Chris was kind enough to share results with me so that I could share them with you!  

Special shout out to Dottie Wendler, Nicole Conner and Terry Kimble for their first bikini competitions! Great job! Also, shout out to "Rabbit" Broadnax, without a doubt my favorite high-energy crazy man to watch in the gym! 

Here are some facts to know about the competitors and entry requirements:
  • Novice means first contest ever. 
  • Masters Men's Bodybuilding is age 40 and over. 
  • Grandmasters Men's Bodybuilding is age 50 and over. 
  • Juniors are those who have never won an overall title in an NPC contest and have not ever placed in an NPC open contest.  
  • Only the top 5 in each class were awarded trophies. 
  • Women's Figure Short is up to and including 5'4", Medium is over 5'4" and including 5'6" and Tall is over 5'6". 
  • Women's Bikini Short is up to/including 5'3" and Tall is over 5'3". 
  • Women's Master Figure is 35 years and older. 
Women's Bodybuilding weight class is as follows:
  • Lightweight: up to and including 125 lbs
  • Middleweight: Over 125 lbs and up to/including 140 lbs
  • Heavyweight: Over 140 lbs
The weight classes are all slightly different between men's novice, men's junior and men's open. Here are the weight classes for Men's Open:
  • Lightweight: Up to and including 154.25 lbs
  • Middleweight: Over 154.25 lbs and up to/including 176.25 lbs
  • Light Heavyweight: Over 176.25 and up to/including 198.25 lbs
  • Heavyweight: Over 198.25 lbs
Okay, without delay, here they are. Be sure to check out the end of the post for additional links to Battle on the Bluff resources.

2010 Battle on the Bluff Results
(placement, name, competitor #)

Teenage Bodybuilding 
1st Tyler Starich (1)
2nd Reid Nichols (2)

Men's Novice Bodybuilding 

Novice Lightweight
1st Jim Kurtz (6)
2nd "Rabbit" Broadnax (5)
3rd Scott Quick (4)
4th Mars Pope (3)
5th Adam Geoff (9)
6th Jerry Thomas (8)
7th Johnnie Richardson (10)
8th Ron Grubbs (7)

Novice Heavyweight 
1st Christopher Beaty (16) Overall Novice Winner
2nd Tony Lucas (14)
3rd David Allen (15)
4th Austin Barr IV (13)
5th Jesse Johnson (11)
6th Sidney Ray Eudy (12)

Masters 40+ Men's Bodybuilding 

Masters 40+ Lightweight
1st Tad McCarty (91)
2nd Jim Kurtz (17)
3rd Johnnie Richardson (19) 
4th Marty Shettlesworth (18)

Masters 40+ Heavyweight
1st Kirk Warren (21)
2nd Nathan Palmer (20)

Grandmasters 50+ Men's Bodybuilding
1st Mike Kimble (22)
2nd Spike Huber (25)
3rd Kevin Anthony (24)
4th Mike Farah (23)
5th James Boyd (26)


Bikini Short
1st Heather Bell (32) Overall Bikini Winner
2nd Brooke Mozley (27)
3rd Aya Nakane (34)
4th Nikki Rollins (33)
5th Nicole Conner (31)
6th Karen Avent (28)
7th Ashley Pauletic (29)
8th Terry Kimble (30)

Bikini Tall 
1st Anna Hurt (36)
2nd Dottie Wendler (37)
3rd Callie Steward (35)

Bikini Masters 
1st Anna Hurt (40) 
2nd Karen Avent (39)
3rd Callie Steward (38)
4th Terry Kimble (41)
5th Michelle Huber (42)


Figure Short
1st Carolyn Ocampo (44)
2nd Amanda Benton (46)
3rd Shea Bakeris (47)
4th Jo Chambers (43)
5th Lavoris Anderson (45)

Figure Medium 
1st Yelena Lapoua (48) - Overall Figure Winner
2nd Cindy Steele (49) 
3rd Crystal Wheeler (50) 
4th Janna Demonbreun (51)
5th Amanda Rogers (54)
6th Kelly Easby Smith (55)
7th Erin Fitzpatrick (52) 
8th Tenelle Jones (53)

Figure Tall 
1st Kristen Carver (58)
2nd Tymika Glenn (57)
3rd Angela Panozzo (56)

Masters Figure

Masters Figure Short
1st Carolyn Ocampo (60) - Overall Masters Figure Winner
2nd Amanda Benton (62)
3rd Shea Bekeris (63)
4th Jo Chambers (59)
5th Levoris Anderson (61)

Masters Figure Tall 
1st Kelly Easby Smith (64)

Junior Men Bodybuilding

Junior Lightweight
1st Mike Kimble (66)
2nd Tyler Starich (65)
3rd Igor Butorsky (67)

Junior Middleweight
1st Ronnie Shumpert (68)
2nd Marty Shettlesworth (69)

Junior Heavyweight
1st Bayne O'Grady (70) - Overall Junior Men Winner
2nd Shane Pickard (73)
3rd Kevin Anthony (71)
4th Sam Bradshaw (72)

Bodybuilding Women

Women Lightweight 
1st Leslie Heidmann (74) - Overall Open Women Winner

Women Middleweight 
1st Brenda Skillern (75)

Open Men Bodybuilding

Open Lightweight
1st Rick Kaiser (76)
2nd Justin Hamm (78)
3rd Reid Nichols (77)

Open Middleweight 
1st Tad McLarty (80)
2nd Rob Stamey (81)
3rd Farsha Jones (79)

Open Light-Heavyweight
1st Deshawn Glass (84) - Overall Open Men Winner 
2nd Kirt Warren (82) 
3rd Spike Huber (83)

Open Heavyweight 
1st Sam Gidden (90)
2nd Antionne Scott (89)
3rd Brett Cotter (85)
4th Cornelius L. Smith (86)
5th Nathan Palmer (87)
6th Tracy Evans (88) 

Chris Caudy, Owner/Trainer, Next Level Training
Battle on the Bluff, Facebook
Battle on the Bluff website/entry form

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