Saturday, July 10, 2010

P90X Prep and Fit Test

I'm figuring out that it's smart to read every bit of the P90X material. My experience so far is totally positive in terms of prepping for and understanding the program. I've approached some programs in the past with a "just do it" attitude and have done well, but this is so detailed and well thought out that it only makes sense to get your mind around it too. There are actually three slightly different versions to choose from and I will be doing P90X Classic.

Included in the DVDs is a video on how to "bring it", which outlines everything you will need, including the right determination and attitude, when starting the program. I also downloaded my tracking pages today which gives you space to record every rep and weight you do during the program. The cool part is that the pages are lined up in such a way that you get to see your previous reps and weights so that you can watch your progress every single time you do that workout. I think this is a critical and often-missing element in the workouts that people do these days, especially when they hit the gym. How can you ever progress if you can't recall how many months you've been picking up that same size dumbbell? Consistent, progressive overload is the key when you want to see results. That's fact, not opinion.

I'm going to be working out in my garage/makeshift home gym and so we're going to find another type of pull-up bar that we can hang from one of the beams which we think will be better. At some point I will probably order a different heart rate monitor that doesn't require a chest strap because as much as I will be wearing it I'm afraid it will bug me!

Tonight I did my Fit Test. I would suggest scheduling this like you would a workout and allowing some recovery time before starting the actual program, which is why I did it today and will have tomorrow to rest. Wow, I must say that there's nothing like a Fit Test to show you where your imbalances lie! I had a hunch of where mine would be, but yuck, I'm not crazy about seeing it on paper!

I still cannot do an unassisted pull-up. That is one of my goals in this program, to be able to do 10 unassisted wide-grip pull ups! I could crank out 20 standard push-ups, which actually is a personal best for me (so I have some work to do on improving in 90 days!). I also found out I have a 13 inch vertical leap. Who knew? I'd never even measured it before. I have super-tight hamstrings, another area that needs work, but I still could reach past my toes. The other stinky part for me was the heart rate maximizer test. I did not score well here. For me it's a matter of breathing and endurance, so that's going to be my biggest challenge during the next 90 days.

Next on the docket:
Measurements, before pics and nutrition prep!
I am excited!

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