Friday, July 9, 2010

I am out of my mind excited that my P90X program just arrived! Of course I tore into the package like a little kid at Christmas. For some reason I'm like that when it comes to new fitness programs, books and office supplies. I can't explain the office supply part, except that I'm pretty sure it had something to do with getting a new box of crayons every school year growing up, and I'm still nerdy like that.

So now I have in front of me the P90X Quick Start Guide, the Fitness Guide, the Nutrition Plan, a training calendar, and the DVD set. If you've ever seen a sneak peak of just the Plyometrics DVD alone you'd need a recovery drink. Normally I would just jump right in, throw a DVD in the player and get with it. Not this time, I want to do this right.

It turns out there are several resources available on-line such as worksheets and message boards and an overview video of how the program works. I have a place to do pull-ups already and think I will get the Power Stands for my push-ups since my wrists periodically bother me. What else do I need? Resistance bands, check. Dumbbells, check. heart rate monitor, check. Yoga blocks, check. I could probably use a little better mat for the plyometrics. There are some supplements I will check out.

Now I'm ready to dig into these manuals and determine which training map and also which nutrition approach (there are options for both).

I will be blogging my way through the experience. 90 days, no excuses. 
If you've done P90X, please leave comments and tips for me. 
What helped you?
If you haven't done P90X, join me! I can always use an accountability partner. The journey is always better with a friend. 

More to come!

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