Thursday, November 5, 2009

Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0 Initial Impression

I purchased Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0 yesterday. Hopefully I was one of the first 150 people to do so, in order to receive a special bonus of a player preloaded with the workouts and associated music.

If you're considering the purchase of this program, I would do it before midnight tomorrow night (Friday November 6). Here's what you will receive:

Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0 main program

  • 3 Training Plans: the main program, a home version (no gym required!) and an extreme version; you will receive all 3
  • Meal Plans by weight
  • Workout Sheets for documentation
  • Training Manual
  • Nutrition Manual - expanded
  • Pictures and descriptions of all metabolic zone exercises (videos coming soon!)
  • Naked Nutrition Forum 30 day complimentary access
  • 3 day rotating meal plans by total calorie
  • Vegetarian version of the 3 day rotating meal plans
  • No Brainer Fat Loss Diet
  • 6 Day Weight Loss Protocol (for peaking)
  • Ripped and Ready Abs Workout
  • Fat Loss Mastermind Audios and Script
  • Straight Talk About Calories Video
  • Diet Primer Video

Warp Speed Fat Loss Bonuses (included until Friday midnight)

  • 6 Workout music tracks by Workout Muse
  • Fat Loss Pros Audio Series
  • Naked Nutrition Guide by Mike Roussell
  • Afterburn (original program) by Alwyn Cosgrove
  • Fat Loss Edge Seminar Audio
  • Real World Fat Loss Seminar Audio (Cosgrove)

The price of the program is $97. That's pretty steep for me, but given the quality of the original program, all the improvements, options and bonuses, I decided to invest in it. I'm typically not enticed by bonuses. What I do like about this one is the audios of the workouts with music included, but most importantly, some tools that go beyond the core 28 day program. My problem with programs that promote fast fat loss is that I don't fundamentally believe in fast fat loss. I think it plays on our quick fix mentality, and we know that we didn't accumulate the fat in 28 days and even if we get rid of a load of it, if we foster that mentality we will not be able to keep it off. This is a very intense, 28 day plan. It is not the answer to all our fat woes, so keep it in perspective. Use it because it's great and allow it to be a part of the journey.

Mike Roussell and Alwyn Cosgrove clearly state in these materials that if you have more than 20-30 pounds to lose you should first work to build sound nutrition and training principles to lose some fat before using this program. I agree with that. If that describes you and you want to purchase this program, you might consider starting with the Naked Nutrition Guide and Afterburn program in the bonuses.

Here's how I think Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0 is helpful:

To kick it into high gear once you have some improved eating patterns and sound, consistent training plans in place and working

To blast through a plateau

To finish off your fat loss efforts for a total lean out

I had to say all that. Now let me say I am very excited about this and I got started on the meal plans today. I will begin the workouts tomorrow. Official start date for me will be Monday November 9 and I will blog along the journey. The reason I am doing this is because I've become scattered in my own quest for leanness over the last month or two and my schedule is insane right now, so I welcome the structure of meal plans and pre-defined training for the next month.

Here's the link again if you want to check it out: Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0

Let me know if you are doing this program as well. We can all use accountability partners!

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Heather said...

Hey there! I bought it yesterday too, and I'm starting Monday as well. Thanks for your initial thoughts; I'm excited to start!

My blog is (not in my profile) and you can follow me on Twitter @runhlrun2.

Good luck!

Kelley Moore said...

Hey Heather, thanks for your comment! I'm glad to connect, will be interested in hearing about your progress! Thanks for your blog URL, I will definitely visit and will catch you on Twitter! K