Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Latest from Get Fit with Kelley

I usually don't post about everyday happenings, but if you're reading my blog I want to share some things with you!

First, my start date of Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0 has been delayed, but not to worry. I will still blog my way through the program to share my personal experience and anything new I learn along the way. I've been playing with the meal plans and the training but my official start date will be Monday November 30. I can already tell this is going to be a very effective program, but more to come on that!

Secondly, I took my certification exam last Friday November 13 and passed! I am now officially certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). What a challenging exam! This will not change much about my blog, but you will see a disclaimer that you've not seen before. I will continue to blog about issues I believe are important in terms of fitness and nutrition, but will use the disclaimer to make it clear that nothing I put on this blog would ever attempt to try to diagnose a medical issue or take the place of medical advice or direction from your physician and other allied health professionals. That is just good to remember no matter whose blog you're reading actually. Always seek medical advice and direction from your physician and other members of your health care team, especially in the areas of fitness and nutrition!

Thirdly, you may have heard about new guidelines/rules from the Federal Trade Commission that will impact bloggers. I'm still trying to figure it out, but from what I understand, one issue driving this is the one of disclosure. For example, some people receive free items and are paid to write reviews about them. I don't really have an opinion about that, but I agree that I would want to know it so I could take that into consideration when I am reading that review. I tend to think the real issue is about transparency, and I totally believe in transparency. I've put a disclosure statement in the margin on my blog, but let me address my blog here as well. I haven't ever been given a product and I have not ever been paid to review a product. When I started my blog, I did so because I wanted to share things about my own fitness/nutrition journey and I also have a desire to share the things I learn. If I can share anything that makes another person's journey easier than mine, it's all worth it! The programs and products you see on my blog are those that I have purchased and used myself. If I find them helpful, I'll include them in my blog. If not, they're not even going to show up here. So if there's a particular program or product you don't see here, just email me and I'll tell you whether or not I've tried it or will try it.

Once I started blogging I learned about affiliate programs. Many companies and even individuals have affiliate programs for their products. For example, if I sign up with XYZ Company to be an affiliate, then I get a customized link to use. So anytime I mention their XYZ Product, I can use my personal link to get you back to that product. That helps you find the product I'm talking about, and if you end up purchasing it, it helps me too because I would get a portion of that sale. Every affiliate program is a little different in set up and percentages (most are modest), but the outcome is still the same. My thought behind this is why not? There are some programs that I absolutely believe in and recommend on this blog that don't have affiliate programs available. Either way, I will be putting on the bottom of every post that has a link in it whether or not that link was affiliate program based so you'll know. Just remember this: I'm not going to blog about or direct you to a product or program I don't think is good; it's just not what I'm about.

What to talk about next? I think the topic of balance would be good... coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo, Kelley--WAY to GO!
(Stands up and applauds.)

I hadn't seen too many new posts on your blog lately and was wondering what might be keeping you busy. Congratulations on achieving your certification! :)

I also want to thank you in advance for blogging your way through WSFL 2.0. It will be great to have someone to share the process with. I bought the program myself, and have been reading through the material and trying out some of the training and meal suggestions. However my official start date won't be until January when I'm done with NROL4W.

Congratulations again!


Kelley Moore said...

Gabriella, thanks so much for the congrats! I seriously went into lock-down for about a week finishing up my studies before the test, and I think it paid off, although I felt so out of touch with everyone!

Can't wait to hear about your completion of NROL4W and to share experiences re: WSFL 2.0. Glad you are doing it! Sounds like your timing is going to be perfect.

Hope your weekend is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting certified Kelley! That's wonderful! Thanks for writing this post. I have been putting some thought into putting a disclaimer on my blog as well. I starting blogging for the same reason you did. If I could help make someone else's journey a little easier, then great! I enjoy reading your blog and looking forward to your Warp Speed 2.0 journey!