Friday, March 20, 2009

Living with a 59 Year Old Mesomorph

In March 2008 I talked my then 58 yr old mesomorph husband into getting his body fat measured by a local trainer just out of curiosity. He comes home with paperwork showing his skin-fold measurements and a body fat calculation of 10.4%. I knew he looked good, but living with someone walking around at that body fat without even trying almost made me mad!

The trainer, Chris Caudy, who also specializes in body building, gave Jimmy all the information on an upcoming body building competition. He told him if he wanted to do it, he could get him ready. Jimmy decided to give it a try. Why not? He liked him and wanted to train with him even though he'd never thought about bodybuilding.

His training brought about amazing changes in his body. He had been guilty (like most of us) of gravitating to his favorite workouts and not shaking it up enough. Well, in literally 2 thirty minute sessions a week Chris shook him up alright. He worked his tail off, tightened up his diet and competed the first time (just 10 weeks later I must say) in June 2008 at the NPC Southern Classic, just under 8% body fat. Jimmy had never even seen a bodybuilding competition, much less thought about entering one. He ended up doing 3 competitions total last year and here's how he ranked:

Not bad for a newbie starting in his late 50's. It was an interesting process to say the least. We had to learn about entering, the weigh-in, mandatory posing, shaving, tanning, developing a posing routine and the flow of the competitions from pre-judging to the final show. I must say the most interesting and somewhat traumatic part of the process at first was figuring out the tan. This pic was taken in our hotel room, so you can see the difference in what the tan looks like in normal light vs. on stage (above).

This year he will compete in the following:

He turns 60 in July, so the Pittsburgh and Murfreesboro events will be Grandmasters Over 60.

It's fascinating to watch his body change. He's still as lean in terms of body fat, but has put on several pounds of muscle in the last year. Not everyone has a God-given mesomorph body type, but it just shows that it's never too late in life to get started. A lot can be accomplished with hard training and balanced nutrition. I will continue to post our adventures along the way this year.

Chris Caudy of Next Level Training in Memphis is Jimmy's trainer in-season. Jimmy is a member of the NPC for competition purposes. Please see my disclosure statement.


Fred said...

Kudos to Jimmy, Kelly!

Very impressive...


SmoketheBlowfish said...

I wish that I had the words to describe my feelings and emotions after reading this post. One day I will, but until then I will save this post and show it to everyone I know. Your husband is the definition of inspiration! He has the body that men of ANY age strive for.



Kelley Moore said...

Fred and Mike, thanks so much for your kind comments and I will make sure Jimmy sees them! He truly has been an inspiration to so many people, young and old, male and female; in the gym, in the grocery store, in his line of work (homebuilding). Usually the first thing he's asked is his age! He's very humble about it. I think he's enjoying the opportunity to be an encouragment to people! k

Roundballnz said...

Just popped in to add my Ditto to Mike's comments .... most guys half his age would love to look that good!!!

proof its all about attitude

Kelley Moore said...

I agree, and you are right about his attitude. Thanks so much for the comment, glad I found your blog too!

SmoketheBlowfish said...

Not topic related......

Kelley, in regards to the Turbulence Training workouts I would have to pick my favorites as such:

1. Buff Dudes/Hot Chicks (great for fat burning. focus on higher reps) Tabata Intervals and solid core exercises. I have modified it just a bit though.

2. Hard Core Fat Loss (awesome session...4 days/week I think)

3. Dumbell Bodyweight Fusion (tough workout)

That being said, I would do the Hard Core Fat Loss first and follow it up with the Buff Dudes/Hot Chicks workout. There's something about

SmoketheBlowfish said...

.....doing the Hard Core first that could maximize the fat loss properties of the Buff Dudes Hot Chicks workout.

The Hard Core is intense, includes more Resistance Days (4), and incorporates the "Whole Body Approach". The Hard Core also throws in Bodyweight Circuits as well. I believe it goes in the vein of getting stronger via replacing fat with muscle.

The Hot Dudes/Chix gets into higher reps, interesting HIIT's (esp. Day 3's Tabata Interval). With an increase in muscle from the Hard Core, this session really increases your definition.

later, hope this helps

Kelley Moore said...

Very helpful! Thank you!

Anna said...

Hey Kelley, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Wow! Your husband looks amazing. It's really great to see what people can accomplish when they put they mind into it. I wish I was mesomorph sometimes but then again I don't think I would realize my full potential since I'll have it I will show this to my husband as well for some inspiration.

I second Mike's comment about Buff Dudes, Hot Chicks. I did that during a few weeks ago. It was a love hate relationship but I ended up loving it!

Good luck to your husband's future contests. I'm sure he will do great!

Kelley Moore said...

Thanks Anna for your kind comments. I'll keep posting on how he does and we'll take more pictures. He's really working hard. Best of luck to your husband too. Glad to hear it about the TT workout. I'm doing Hard Core Fat Loss until 4/17 and then will start Buff Dudes, Hot Chicks. Will let everyone know how it goes!

Fred said...

Kelley...just came back for another look at Jimmy...(motivation for my gym time tonight after work)

He really looks AMAZING...At some point I was going to post a pic or two of my progress, but now I'm having second thoughts! Tell him a "fellow 59-er" says "awesome job, man!"
No doubt he'll be taking home some prizes...


Kelley Moore said...

Agree it is motivational! I will definitely tell him, that continues the encouragement cycle. Please don't you dare have second thoughts about posting pics of your progress! We're all in this fitness thing together you know :>)