Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fitness Gear Review in Men's Health Mag

The April 2008 issue of Men's Health has some cool articles in it, one being a short list of "The Best New Fitness Gear." You might be wondering how I know this. A couple of years ago when I grew weary of girlie workouts with pastel weights I started digging around. That's how I found Craig Ballantyne and Alwyn Cosgrove among others. I found that Men's Health online had some great stuff and as I incorporated a few manly moves into my workout I started seeing some real changes. My husband actually gets this magazine but I usually grab it before he can even read it.

Here is the list of items and my thoughts on them (three of these are on my recommended list already)

Best Home Gym: Freemotion Ext Dual Cable Cross

Really cool and much better than fixed machines, I like using cables at the gym. However, the price at $4000 is pretty steep for home gyms of most folks I know.

Best Lo-Fi Fitness Tool: Iron Woody Woody Bag

I have not yet done sandbag workouts but would love to! Looks like a really durable item, and seems reasonably priced at $60 - $120 based on weight and also comes in packages.

Best Total Body Tool: TRX Suspension Trainer Force Kit by Fitness Anywhere

I love this, saw it demonstrated at the Arnold and my husband has been using this at his trainer's studio. Awesome for maximizing your bodyweight and gravity. Not sure I'd feel good about the door mount but the X-mount is what we will purchase when we get ours for home.

Best Stability Trainer: Valslides

These are wicked little gadgets. They point out in the article that it puts a whole new twist on lunges and squats, but I've had my butt kicked pawing my way across a gym floor in a crawling plank with my toes on these bad babies and then running back in a bear crawl position with them under my hands. Closest to puking I've ever been during a workout.

Best New Cardio Tool: Art of Strength Ropes Gone Wild

I love Art of Strength kettlebell workouts and first remember hearing about the ropes from Alwyn Cosgrove. Can't imagine how tough these are. Anthony Diluglio is a great resource. You can go to the website and see some short video clips of them in action. While you're there check out Minute of Strength.

Best Upper-Body Upgrade: JC Predator Band

I like working out with bands due to the different type of resistance (than dumbbells) and versatility. It's much tougher than it looks, and this looks like a well-made band. Wouldn't mind adding this to the arsenal.

Would love to know what others think about these products.

This post contains affiliate links for Fitness Anywhere (TRX), Art of Strength and ValSlides. Please see my disclosure statement.

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