Thursday, May 9, 2013

Les Mills COMBAT Kick Start 30

BOOM! Encouragement!!
Whew!! I LOVE Les Mills COMBAT Kick Start 30. Honestly, I think 30 minutes is a perfect length. It's long enough to get in there and kick tail without completely wearing yourself out. I feel like I can push hard, and I'm not watching the little count down clock on the video.

I was so excited for LMC to come out because I discovered my love for punching and kicking and other martial arts moves when Kenpo X turned out to be my very favorite P90X workout. Since I don't have a martial arts background whatsoever, I really worked on my form during Kenpo X. The COMBAT program comes with a Basics DVD which is a MUST. It reviews in detail the technical components of the moves and gives you a brief explanation of their disciplines of origin. It helps the whole thing come together in your mind. We did the Basics DVD with our fit club prior to doing the first LMC workout and it really helps. In fact, I learned even more the second time around, so it will serve as my form review for sure.

So I've done Les Mills COMBAT Kick Start 30 a few times now before progressing into the rest of the program. I not only wanted to practice them from a form standpoint but I think to be able to really put speed and intensity into it without injury I need to have some practice. At almost 48 years old I'm very protective of my knees!

In Kick Start 30 you spend time on jabs, crosses, uppercuts, hooks, front kicks, front knees, back kicks and sequences of those. There's also some shuffling and other foot work and a jump kick. The time goes by really fast and I was drenched. I burned about 350 calories during the 30 minute workout - not bad! This time my form, balance, coordination and speed were better.

Do you like martial arts-style training? How have you incorporated it into your fitness regime? Tell me about it! If you haven't and you'd like to try Les Mills COMBAT, you can pick up your copy here and join me in the trenches!
Les Mills COMBAT Program
Les Mills COMBAT Challenge Pack

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