Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Best Detox Program Available

So you want to do a cleanse or a detox? Well I have one for you.

I just spent an entire week in Vegas at the Beachbody Coach Summit and got to talk to a lot of people about the Ultimate Reset. Two years in the making, from experts Isabelle Daikeler and Darin Olien (co-creators of Shakeology), the Ultimate Reset has been through test groups and people all over with astounding results. We're seeing people lower their cholesterol, drop weight, stabilize blood sugar, lose unwanted inches, lower their blood pressure, increase energy and clarity and resolve digestive issues.

After this week I'm convinced. 

It comes as a kit with very specific supplements, a detailed meal by meal food plan with recipes, DVDs on preparing yourself and cooking/food prep tips and demonstrations, a FAQ, online support forums, shopping lists, a commitment bracelet, and guidance from your Beachbody Coach (um, that would be me).

You need to know that this isn't some crazy Hollywood starvation pooping cleanse.

This isn't a drop 2 dress sizes really fast kind of thing (although some have). This is 21 days of a structured lifestyle change with supplements and food prep and cooking and eating whole, fresh food. It nourishes your body with the things you need to the cellular level. It's a push to try new things, new combos and get messy in the kitchen again. Shoot, you'll even spend some time in the produce section instead of the cookie aisle, and you'll wake up your taste buds!

I will be doing this cleanse and sharing my experience. I came home with my kit and am deciding on a start date. Stay tuned for my adventure with it, but in the meantime, check out this video:

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