Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Well Do You Sleep?

Someone recently asked me about how I sleep.

Sweet lady: Do you sleep relaxed, or are you all tense?
Me: I sleep like a boxer about to go in the ring. With my hands in fists and my arms up, ready to throw a punch.
Sweet lady: You need to sleep with a stuffed animal.

A stuffed animal?

I had never thought of that. This particular lady is a volunteer with Wings Cancer Foundation (yes, click on the link and check it out). She told me that sleeping with a stuffed animal is a common suggestion for people undergoing treatment or dealing with cancer. There is something about holding something soft in your hands that is relaxing.

I'll try anything. Right now I have horrific tendinitis in my right elbow (my dominant arm), which is not only impeding my exercise plans but interfering with my activities of daily living. Every day stuff, like squeezing my toothpaste, holding my hair dryer and spraying my pan with cooking spray to cook my eggs.

So off we went, Jimmy and me, to my favorite store in the world, Target. This time I was shopping for a stuffed animal.

I didn't find one in the regular toy section, but as we were leaving we happened to walk down the aisle for bedroom accessories for kids. They had some "cuddle buddies".

And there he was!!! My stuffed bed buddy. I knew it when I saw him!!!

Buzz is the bomb-diggity. Honestly, this little guy is soft all over, he is all stitched, so no hard eyes or anything scratchy. When I wake up in the night I've either got one arm through his and the other holding his foot, or my arm propped up on him with my hand on his rear-end. Go figure! In case you're wondering, Jimmy is a good sport and hasn't complained. After all, a well-rested woman is a less cranky woman. Plus I sleep in the middle. :>)

What does this have to do with fitness? 
Adequate, quality, restful sleep is one the pillars of achieving success with your fitness regimen. So if you're having problems sleeping, go find a stuffed animal. 


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Rich said...


I recently started my own health and wellness blog. I have been searching around the internet and I love how you display your relevant information in a unique way.
Especially the way you are tying in the importance of sleep with working out Great job.. keep up the good work