Monday, December 7, 2009

A Do-Over? (and a confession)

I'm clearly in the middle of a case of do as I say, not as I do. Not where I like to be!

As we enter the second week of December, people are asking me questions about what to do to not gain weight (or so much of it), or how to get their fat loss under control before the first of the year. Generally, my recommendation is to have a strategy without dieting and to not try to live under too much structure with eating and training. The very nature of the time period between Thanksgiving and the New Year sets us up for failure in terms of being able to adhere to unbending structure. Mind you, I'm not saying go hog wild (as my grandmother would say). I'm also not saying don't eat well and don't train so you can assess the damage at the new year and set another resolution that won't happen or will be short-lived. I'm just saying big ideas of grandiose structure during the holidays are sure to go straight down the drain.

This is where I find myself right now.

My first attempt at Week 1 of Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0 was downright lame on my scale of measuring myself. Day 1 was beautiful, then it was downhill from there. Last week I literally was traveling or in meetings from early Tuesday morning to Wednesday midnight. Then I had family events each evening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Today I am sick with an unresolved sinus infection.

My purpose of starting and completing WSFL 2.0 at this time was twofold.

1. I wanted to complete the entire program right now and give you a good, solid review in case you were considering it or starting it in January or sooner.

2. I'm still on my own fat loss journey and have my own goals to meet. This is an awesome program that is going to help get me there.

What to do now that I am realizing my problem? Here are my options as I see them:

Option 1

A total do-over. Repeat Week 1 beginning today and push through the next 4 weeks, doing the best I can, knowing it will be a substandard execution of the program.

Option 2

Delay the start date of WSFL 2.0 until January 4, at a time when I'm much less likely to be sabotaged by my schedule every time I turn around. Wing it until then.

Option 3

Between now and Jan 4 do a WSFL 2.o workout at every opportunity, use the concepts on my adjusted days, follow the eating plans as much as possible and stick to 90% compliance. Re-evaluate my goals and start a new plan to meet them Jan 4.

Now I have to confess a serious, personal flaw to you. The part of the sentence that I hate about Optoin 1 is the word substandard. If you told me you could not do a program like WSFL 2.0 right now I would completely understand and help you figure out a strategy until you could handle it. But I am much harder on myself. My husband would tell you that for the length of time he's known me, I tend to be off or wide open. That coupled with a relatively unforgiving spirit toward myself is not a good combo. At 44 years old I still battle this. Although I am making strides in this area, I can look at my calendar and clearly imagine how irritated an attempt at this level of structure is going to make me. So Option 1 is out.

Option 2 is a good one, but it isn't the best help for me in the here and now. So that one is out.

Looks like Option 3 is the way to go. Why?

  • It allows me to reap some benefit now from the program.
  • It frees my mind from the stress of knowing I can't do the program to the letter.
  • I can still share thoughts and ideas with you regarding the workouts and eating plan.
  • It provides a plan for the rest of the month.
  • My calendar is already full so I can strategize for the days ahead.

Am I giving up? Some might think so. It's highly likely WSFL 2.0 is still going to be the program for me starting Jan 4 based on my goals. The point is, this strategy is what works for me now.

Do you have a strategy that works for you right now? Are you waiting until Jan 4 to do anything at all about your weight, your fat or your fitness level? You don't have to. Even if you can't follow a structured program during the holidays, you can still make great progress and get a head start on your goals as the new year approaches.

Here are some really simple tips that may help you:

  • Sit down with your calendar right now. Schedule your exercise.
  • Step up the daily movement. Be mindful and get physical. Add some movement to everything you do.
  • Keep your eating as tight as possible every single chance you get. If you have a party tomorrow night, don't just eat haphazard until then. Eat very structured until then. Don't arrive hungry, enjoy a little in moderation, then tighten back up.
  • Keep your water intake up.
  • Don't neglect your sleep.
  • When you exercise, crank it up and keep it intense.
  • If you are currently on a program or schedule that is working for you, don't let it slack up!

I am anxious to hear what some of you are doing right now!

If you'd like to learn more about Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0, click here.

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Roundballnz said...

Option 3 is the winner - or are we just very similar personality wise ???

Option 3 is about understanding the big picture of life, this time of year is always a challenge whether it be time, nutrition, health, or plain just burn out ... this way you keep the habits & commitment.

My strategy is similar to yours but as you know I am just coming back from 3 weeks off exercise after the asthma thing.

With the choir rehearsals/performance ( think 200,000+) I am only going to get to the gym a couple of times this week - so this weeks focus is on eating well & re training myself to get up early.

By the end of the week I will have the new 4 months programmes planned out as well

Kelley Moore said...

It's true, this time of the year is difficult, and it seems it forces us to get back to the basics and think fast on our feet to deal with the challenges. I'm so glad you are on the come-back! I think your focus sounds good! I'll be interested in hearing what your next 4 months looks like once you get it down. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelley! I'm a little behind on my blog reading but just wanted to let you know that option 3 would be the only one that would work for me too. Doing anything half-assed is not in my nature and winging it means I'd just wander off doing my favorite exercises. We all have setbacks from time to time but it's good you have a clear plan in place now. All that's left is to move onward and upward! Enjoy the holidays and may you have a happy and healthy 2010! :)