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NPC Battle on the Bluff 2009 Results

Here are the results of the 2009 NPC Battle on the Bluff Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Competition held Saturday June 27, 2009 at Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Tunica, MS. Kudos to Chris Caudy for hosting a great event that presented fantastic physiques from all over the region. Chris is a bodybuilding champion, trainer and promoter and has a private studio called Next Level Training in the Memphis area.

Some fun competition facts:

Novice means first contest ever.

Only the top 5 in each class received trophies, and many classes had more than 5 competitiors.

Women's Figure Short is up to and including 5'4", medium is over 5'4" and including 5'6" and tall is over 5'6".

Women's Master Figure is 35 years and older.

The female weight class for bodybuilding is as follows:

  • Lightweight: up to and including 125 lbs.
  • Middleweight: Over 125 and up to/including 140 lbs.
  • Heavyweight: Over 140 lbs.

Okay, thinking about my own weight. I don't want to talk about that anymore...

The weight classes are all slightly different between men's novice, men's junior and men's open. Here are the weight classes for Men's Open:

  • Lightweight: Up to and including 154.25 lbs
  • Middleweight: Over 154.25 and up to/including 176.25 lbsbs
  • Light Heavyweight: Over 176.25 and up to/including 198.25 ls
  • Heavyweight: Over 198.25 lbs

Placement, name and (competitor #)

Men - Bodybuilding

Novice Light

1st Cortney Vance (16)

2nd Matt Brown (15)

3rd Aaron Harris (17)

4th Danyel Benson (19)

5th Jason Jones (18)

Novice Heavy

1st Bryan Leger (22) - Overall Novice Winner

2nd Joey Baldwin (21)

3rd Jake Pranger (25)

4th Cornelius Smith (24)

5th Fielder Kelly (20)

Junior Light

1st Chase Papke (27)

2nd Brian Frazier (26)

Junior Middle

1st Sam Marcum (29)

2nd Marty Mathis (28)

Junior Heavy

1st Antionne Scott (32) - Overall Junior Winner

2nd Taylor Ramsey (31)

3rd Shane Pichard (30)

Open Men Light

1st Clint Kelly (38)

2nd Chance Sheppard (36)

3rd Caesar Hamilton (37)

Open Men Middle

1st Shawn Boutwell (42)

2nd Dusty Young (39)

3rd Chris Hardaway (41)

4th Stan Hobbs (40)

Open Men Light Heavy

1st Mike Walker (47) - Overall Open Men Winner

2nd Jason McCreay (45)

3rd Mike Overby (44)

4th Wesley Pellam (46)

5th Farsha Jones (48)

Open Men Heavy

1st Sam Gidden (51)

2nd Brett Cotter (49)

3rd Tracy Evans (52)

4th Nathan Palmer (50)

Masters (Men over 40)

1st Mike Walker (3)

2nd Sam Marcum (2)

3rd Nathan Palmer (1)

4th Stacy Puryear (5)

5th Marty Shettlesworth (4)

Grandmasters (Men over 50)

1st Caesar Hamilton (9)

2nd Ron Fulmer (10)

3rd Jimmy Moore (7)

4th Mike Kimble (8)

5th Jared Oakley (11)

Women - Bodybuilding

Open Women Light

1st Deborah Jones (34) - Overall Open Women Winner

2nd Patricia Split (33)

Open Women Middle

1st Cindi Hobbs (35)

Women - Figure

Figure Short

1st Ella Horton (67)

2nd Carol Dillard (66)

3rd Carolyn Ocampo (65)

4th Bea Willis (63)

5th Beth Davis (64)

Figure Medium

1st Elizabeth Noelting (69)

2nd Amanda Rogers (71)

3rd Rhonda Lovell (70)

4th Christina Panichi (72)

Figure Tall

1st Heather Barbee (73) - Overall Figure Winner

2nd Lori Harvey (78)

3rd Denise Trowbridge (80)

4th Maggie Justice (77)

5th Deb Sprouse (75)

Figure Over 35

1st Heather Barbee (54)

2nd Ella Horton (57)

3rd Carol Dillard (56)

4th Lori Harvey (61)

5th Carolyn Ocampo (55)

TR Stewart Photography was the official photographer of the event. You can see pictures of the competitors from prejudging and the evening show here. Unfortunately, names of the competitors are not included, but you may be able to match some people up based on whether or not you can see their competitor number in the snapshot.

You could attend and take your own pictures next year! Better yet, why don't you compete? You have 12 months. Get going!

Chris Caudy of Next Level Training in Memphis is the promotor for the Battle on the Bluff competition and is Jimmy's trainer in-season. Please see my disclosure statement.

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