Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turbulence Training AAA Abs Review

Turbulence Training (TT) is one of my overall favorite programs, and it definitely makes the getfitwithkelley recommended list. If you purchase the program, it literally gives you workouts for months on end. There's an introductory offer if you want a trial run of it, and you also have the option to purchase select programs. It's designed to help you change your workouts every 4 weeks or so, which is critical to progress, and also helps combat boredom or restlessness with a program. There are so many options that it's very effective for beginners but also provides a challenge for seasoned exercisers. Sound nutritional advice and resources are offered and there's a strong social network on the TT members site. Craig Ballantyne, it's creator, stays engaged via his TT Blog, TT Fat Loss Blog, Twitter and Facebook. On top of that, you can easily go to YouTube to see demonstrations of the exercises involved. He's on his 5th TT Transformation Contest with great prizes and some incredible results. The workouts I've done involve multiple tools such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, balance balls, etc., but what will surprise you most is the difficulty of the bodyweight exercises when you're doing it right. Overall it's a comprehensive program that I would recommend to anyone. I've been able to hook up with several folks that have done Turbulence Training and have had outstanding results. Some workouts are geared perfectly to do in the gym and others are well-suited to home. Another word for beginners - this program has a tremendous amount of information and support around it, so it's a good choice if you're just starting out. On the flip side I think many seasoned folks would say that the key to progression (besides changing the workout itself) is continuing to challenge yourself with weight, reps, sets, timed circuits, etc. to keep progressing. Like any other exercise program you must focus on intensity and progression. If I had any complaint, it would be that there is some redundance of the "3 sets of 10 reps" thought pattern. That is easily remedied however with variance of your sets and reps from week to week. The nutrition discussed and encouraged is also recognized as a critical component to success, and it doesn't offer a whacked out diet, just good, common sense eating of whole, healthy foods.

I completed TT AAA Abs the end of May. You may wish to refer back to my first TT AAA Abs Blog Post. The program had several challenges in it that I loved. One workout included chin-ups and push-ups, the maximum you could do at one time. It also included a couple of cool combo moves such as the dumbbell one-arm squat and press. I still have not mastered an unassisted chin-up/pull-up, but I definitely made progress on this program. I pushed myself harder than ever and increased the number I can do at one time assisted, dropped the amount of weight assisting me, got stronger on my negatives. I'm getting close! Other fun moves in this program are the dumbbell lateral raise while in side plank, the stability ball pike and the dumbbell renegade row. This one did have set/rep variety and an intense circuit. I would have to say this is my favorite TT program so far. I progressed my weight on several of the exercises, increased my endurance and had measureable changes in my physical appearance.

If you haven't tried Turbulence Training, I would highly suggest you give it a shot. I think you'll really like it and see great results!

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