Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turbulence Training AAA Abs

I just started Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training AAA Abs, his April 2009 workout of the month. Whoa. This is a fun and challenging workout. It's a 3 day resistance training program which works well for me because I like the pattern of Mon-Wed-Fri for my strength training days. On the off days, he suggests about 30 minutes of light exercise that won't interfere with your recovery. This would be a perfect time to incorporate some extra metabolic work such as bodyweight circuits or interval work with kettlebells.

I like this program because it incorporates some unique total body combination moves that shake things up a little and fit within my current goals. For instance, I cannot yet do unassisted pull-ups and that is one of my goals for this year that I'm working on currently. So right now, I'm having to break up the pull-up/knee-up combination move into two separate exercises, because I only have access to an assisted machine. You could, however, do this move band-assisted. Now, why would I choose this workout program if I can't do these? It's a strange mental thing with me. It gives me some extra drive to reach that goal because I don't like not being able to do a program exactly the way it's written, I get extra practice, and it gives me a very specific test move so I can gauge my progress even beyond this next 4 weeks. So if you have a program where you can't quite do all the moves perfectly, improvise (always in a safe way) and let that be one of your goals, to master a new move.

The ideal equipment for this workout is a pull-up bar, a bench or box, dumbbells, kettlebells, stability ball, jump rope, ab wheel, and a treadmill or stretch of space outside for sprints. However, you can use some substitutes (such as a dumbbell in place of a kettlebell) and he offers some alternative suggestions as well, so use what you can get your hands on.

Here's a good YouTube video with Craig demonstrating a challenging bodyweight interval included in Turbulence Training AAA Abs: Craig's programs always start with a good warm-up (never skip it), clear instructions with pictures, suggestions for post-workout stretching and a chart to log your progress.

Turbulence Training offers a full package or the option of choosing a specific program. Stay tuned for more information about the programs as I work through them myself!

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Anonymous said...

Nice post, Kelley!
(Sorry for the delay in commenting...still without laptop at home (working on borrowed one at the moment)

Quick tip about the pull-ups that worked for me: practice doing 'negatives' whenever you can... Jump up to top position and slowly lower yourself taking as long as you can to fully extend (within reason...4-5 secs is good) Do a couple sets of negatives in the beginning of each training session when your at your strongest...really works on getting you to a point where you can pull your own body weight (and I've got plenty! LOL) to the bar a few times. (But you probably know that, already!)

Knowing you, I have NO doubt you'll be doing the pull-up/knee-up before you're finished with TT AAA Abs!!!!

Thanks for the post!


Kelley Moore said...

Fred, you are so right about the negatives and that's something that I must start doing consistently in order to make progress. I am also finding that chin-ups are somewhat easier for me than pull-ups, guess it's the added help from my arms. Smart advice to be sure I do it at the beginning of my workouts. Thanks for the encouragement and I will keep you posted!!

Neil Gazzillo said...

I love the comments and tips in your blog Kelley.

I'm a TT user myself. A lot of the lads in my gym sit around talking. Yet I get done in around 25 minutes.

I'm entering the tranformation contest tomorrow and hope to get some great results over the 12 weeks finishing off with the Hardcore Fat loss program during weeks 9 to 12. Hope you will follow my progress.


Kelley Moore said...

Neil, I will definitely follow your progress, thanks for letting me know! I will be rooting for you. Thanks for your visiting my blog and your comment! k