Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Metabolism Advantage

I already have the most recent version of the Precision Nutrition system but recently purchased the book The Metabolism Advantage, also by Dr. John Berardi, published in 2006 (sometimes I do things a little backwards).

I've not been in the habit of formally making recommendations, but I think this is an excellent resource for those wanting to build muscle/strip fat, especially for those that struggle with understanding or dealing with metabolism issues. It has a not-too-geeky science section that sets the stage, and then moves on to a very complete review of the components of sound nutrition. After that it covers supplements, but only the ones that are truly necessary, and fully explains the advantages of using them. It then moves into a nice illustration of the exercises and workout plan. It even covers some of the psychosocial and environmental issues, giving you assessments to determine if you're really ready to make a commitment to positive nutritional and activity changes. Goal setting is also reviewed. Simple recipes are included to help get you started.

Here's the most impressive part to me though. The eight week plan is all mapped out, including meal plans, grocery shopping lists, the exercise plan and a workout journal. You literally could take it to the grocery with you or to the gym in your bag. The book wraps up with encouraging instructions on maintaining the advantage long term.

If you don't have The Metabolism Advantage already I would pick it up and work through it. It's a great addition to your toolbox for reaching your goals. I'm giving it an official Get Fit With Kelley stamp of approval.

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Anonymous said...

You've got good taste, Kelly!

I got this book about a year ago and have used some of the exercises and 'programs' on and off for some time now. One of my favorite books along with 'New Rules of Lifting'. (First place I ever saw a 'single arm barbell biceps curl' demonstrated. (Harder than it looks)
Great post!

Kelley Moore said...

I noticed the single arm barbell biceps curl too but haven't tried it yet! I imagine it is hard with the added balance factor. I love single arm and leg moves though. k