Monday, January 12, 2009

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss Part 2

Which is your focus, weight loss or fat loss? Here are some of my thoughts simplified.

Weight loss is:

  • a great initial motivator (what gets us off the couch and out of the pantry)
  • the beginning of the journey
  • one part of a much bigger picture
  • a super goal when in 5-10 lb increments
  • a provider of early victories
  • bondage to an arbitrary number on the scale
  • a de-motivator when the scales get stuck

Fat loss is:

  • a consistent motivator
  • a meaningful goal
  • measureable progress beyond the scale plateau
  • freedom from bondage to the scale!
  • change in body composition (less fat, more muscle)
  • not for the faint-of-heart
  • a path to optimal fitness and better health
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