Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Burn, Baby, Burn

Here is my training plan for the next 4 months:

Once a month I will meet and work out with my personal trainer.

January 4 through March 28 I am working through Afterburn II.

March 29 through April 4 will be one week of rest.

April 5 through May 2 I will work through WarpSpeedFatLoss to finish leaning out.

May 3 through May 9 will be one week of rest.

Another program I will be referencing during this time period is Turbulence Training.

Approximately mid-April I will choose another program to begin May 10.

Some of you already think I have lost my mind. Probably so, but I will be losing fat and keeping it off! Afterburn II and WarpSpeedFatLoss are offered by Alwyn Cosgrove, and if you are not familiar with him I would suggest you read his articles and his blog. He's brilliant and he will never fail to challenge what you are thinking and doing. Both of his programs provide exactly what training to do as well as specific nutrition plans. Now if you read my previous post about my nutrition plan, it is not the plan presented in Afterburn II but rather Precision Nutrition, which is a separate nutrition program also with tremendous information and support. Craig Ballantyne is the creator of Turbulence Training and it is a program that provides versatility and multiple options for working out. I'll reference this program to gather fresh ideas for the interval training dictated by Afterburn II so I can keep it motivating. Seeing my personal trainer once a month is not as often as I would like right now, but it will be very helpful to check my form, review goals, discuss progress and generally get my butt kicked by someone other than myself. If you have not developed your training plan, it's not too late!

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STBF said...

Kelly, just to let you know...you blog doesn't fall on deaf ears (I read them as soon as you post 'em).

Great idea to use a PT once in a while. It's difficult (while not impossible) to kick your own rear end...outside help is always a bonus.

I've been doing different Turbulence Training programs since last May and have seen huge changes in the composition of my body (dropped some pounds and shed a lot of fat). The two other programs you mentioned got my attention and I'm always looking for a sound program to change things up a bit.

Have a great weekend

Mike Z

Kelley Moore said...

Thanks Mike, for reading and for your comments! Sounds like you are doing great. Turbulence Training is the first program I remember really getting my attention. I loved the concept of shaking up your body to get it to respond. I've been through a period of time when it was hard to sift through all the great stuff out there and stick to one program. My goal this year is to stick to a program through completion, then start another quality program. (Obviously it will need to fit with my goals and needs at that time). That way I can actually review it and share first hand experience, as well as trying multiple things over the course of the next year!