Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Personal Trainers

I must take a moment to tell you about my personal trainer, Branda Polk. There are personal trainers, and there are great personal trainers. She's one of the great ones.

Branda is cute, fit, totally lean and high-energy. She's married to a great guy and they have four boys. She bounces in the gym and you'd better be ready to work. If she's smiling especially big when you come in, you know she has something new in store for you. She even has a no whining clause in her contract. Sometimes I can't believe I pay her to kick my butt for a solid hour. When I work with Branda I sweat like a pig and don't even care what I look like. On any given night she can be overheard saying things like "four more!" and "you gotta love it!". There's no getting away with sloppy form and no slacking off. I have asked her how she can be so cute and so evil all at the same time.

Seriously, Branda took me on and scooped me out of a slump when I started training with her. She met me where I was, helped me establish my goals and rebuild my foundation, tackle my poor eating habits and hung in there with me through a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. She is exceptional at what she does, and she has had a permanent impact on my life. I absolutely love her!

If you are new to fitness or you are in a training slump, find a personal trainer. Look for one of the great ones who can help you get on track without spending days, months or years floundering around on your own.


Carla said...

Kelley, This is so great. I always thought a personal trainer was for the rich. Your stories of experiences with Branda have been both funny and motivational. I would look forward to the story of the latest torture after your weekly workout. It's hard to believe, but you CAN actually see and feel results if you work out. Who'd have thought you'd ever hear ME say it. And yes, I am looking for a workout in heels! Carla Wood

Kelley Moore said...

Yes, i will keep updates coming about my adventures with Branda!

A workout in heels...hmmm...seems I have heard of one before. I'll have to work on that one! Kelley