Thursday, October 18, 2012

Levaquin Side Effects

Do you read the inserts and talk to the pharmacist about your prescriptions? If not, I would highly advise it. Not all pharmacists take time to review instructions with you, so you may have to start the conversation. Thankfully I have found some good ones at our local Target stores. No, this isn't a plug for Target, although you know it's one of my fav stores anyway!

I recently had to be put on Levaquin, a strong antibiotic. Keep in mind that I really don't like taking meds unless it's absolutely necessary, and this was. Because of some past drug allergies my antibiotic choices are reduced. I had remembered having a friend who had an Achilles tendon rupture while taking this drug.

The pharmacist went over all the instructions with me, and was pretty emphatic about my activity level on this drug. Maybe I look like more of a crazy exerciser than I thought. I was cautioned about the incidence of tendon rupture and we discussed not running or stretching and certainly no yoga while taking the drug. I really appreciated this information since I had just started a pretty strenuous workout program.

Turns out there is what they call a black box warning on this drug, required by the FDA. There is risk for tendon rupture in all ages, but it's higher in those over 60, or those who are compromised. So I've been smart with my activity this week.

The point is that your pharmacist is an extremely valuable resource. From drug instructions to interactions, side effects, etc, they can help you. Too many times we rely on our physicians or advanced practitioners to tell us everything. Find a great pharmacy and use them! If you're put on Levaquin, just be aware of this potential risk.

Have you found something helpful when it comes to your health care? If so, share it with me! 

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