Tuesday, September 28, 2010

P90X Update

I'll be posting about my P90X experience on this blog! I tried setting up a separate blog for it because I try to keep this one diverse in content, but it was just too challenging to keep up with two blogs. Plus it didn't feel right since I share all of my fitness adventures here. It's all a part of the journey!

Here's the latest:
I jumped into P90X 7/12/10. You'll see some posts around that time describing how I got started. It was a busy time for me, and I was working out, getting in the groove and didn't have time to post. First things first, you know. So I completed the first 5 weeks, then got completely derailed with travel, consequently lost my mind and ate a bunch of stuff I don't normally eat. It threw me into a three week funk. Total transparency here. It's what I get for saying I'd have no excuses!

The good news is that I snapped out of it, and about the time I was going to get started again, Jimmy announced he'd like to do it with me. Sweet!

We started together on Monday September 13. Mind you I'd been doing these workouts in the brutal summer heat of our home garage gym since July with the exception of my end of August hiatus. The heat didn't let up until this week by the way. That adds even more intensity to the workouts, so I'm anxious to see if my performance is actually better as it gets cooler. Jimmy is awesome and is getting heating and air put in. LOVE THAT GUY!

We completed the workout for today, Day 16, P90X Plyometrics. Officially, we'll be finished with the 90 days on December 11. Who knows, maybe I'll do a second round! Okay, let me focus on Round 1 first.

From this point on I'll be posting about the individual workouts, our progress, what we're learning, tips and tricks, key points, the eating plan, etc.

Feel free to post your questions and your own experiences via comments or email me at getfitwithkelley@gmail.com anytime.


Roundballnz said...

So how are things going still on the roller-coaster ????

Kelley Moore said...

Hey! I'm still on, but at this rate I will finish by Christmas. Had to take a break due to a strained trapezius, which is still not totally healed. But I am motivated & making progress. Lost a little leanness during the break but am making up for it now. I'm still determined to do unassisted pull-ups! Think I may start another round in January or try the Beachbody product called Insanity! How about you?