Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0

I'm hearing bits and pieces that there will be a Warp Speed Fat Loss 2.0 coming out. I don't know the timing but believe that Mike Roussell and Alwyn Cosgrove are already testing it. This is so exciting! I did the current Warp Speed Fat Loss and it definitely gets the getfitwithkelley stamp of approval. Quite frankly it's the leanest I've ever been. As I look back on that experience I realize there are several concepts from it that I continue to use on a daily and weekly basis. I expect the 2.0 version will be a great compliment to the original and it will be a definite addition to my fat loss tool box! You'll be able to find more information here as soon as I know the details!

If you are on a fat loss path and haven't worked through Warp Speed Fat Loss (1.0) I would recommend that you do it! It is a downloadable ebook, but not one of those I've-already-heard-all-this-information-before skimpy ones. You will receive instructions in great detail including Q&A sections and access to the creators in various formats. Resistance training, interval training and meals are already mapped out for you, which is very convenient. I found this part helpful because I never had to figure out my own workouts and I could plan ahead at the grocery. I did this during a very busy time in my life, so being able to just mark my calendar and batch my meal prep was a real necessity for me at the time. Sometimes I would not want quite this much structure, but this 28 day program is perfect for launching your fat loss efforts, blasting through a fat loss plateau or putting finishing touches on your quest for leanness. I will personally be repeating this program periodically for these very reasons.

You never have to wonder what you're going to be doing on a given day. For best results you should follow the workouts exactly. The best part about the training plan is that they include fresh new combinations of classic, effective exercises with some cool new stuff added. The required equipment is typical and accessible for most everyone who has access to a gym (such as dumbbells, bench, stabilty ball). The brain behind this is Alwyn Cosgrove, and you can't go wrong there. He doesn't mess around. You will be doing some work every day, but only about 3 days a week would you have to go to the gym; the other work can be done at home. You won't be spending hours working out either. Each workout is designed to be completed in an optimal amount of time. He also explains the process of fat loss very well in the materials, so you have some understanding of why you're doing what you're doing. I believe in knowing why. The explanation of why so you can learn coupled with the brainless schedule of knowing exactly what to do is a perfect combination.

The meal plans are creative and helpful in the very same way. You're given exact meals to follow, but the strategy is explained. No worries though, there is an entire list of what and how to substitute for items you don't like. The meals and workouts fit like hand in glove because they are designed to work with each other. This also removes the guesswork, so you can push right through and concentrate on eating and your workout time. Another great feature is that you are instructed on how to alter your meal plan as you drop weight/fat and it's all provided for you. The creative genius behind the nutriton plan is Mike Roussell.

One thing to remember is that this is a focused 28 day plan. That means you should not get this plan and decide you're going to do it for the next 6 months, your body and your mind will need a break. The good news is that you can stick with it for 28 days. It feels like an end in site to the intensity. But the trick is to learn from it so that you can appropriately transition your new habits into a maintenance phase. That's the hardest part. I'm happy to help in any way possible.

Well, obviously I'm a big fan, but I wouldn't suggest something to you that I hadn't done myself (or tried on my husband) and believed in. I would recommend doing Warp Speed Fat Loss while we're waiting for version 2.0!

I've also heard that there is an Afterburn/TRX hybrid in the mix. Maybe it's one and the same, or maybe that's different altogether. I'll be keeping an eye out for that too!

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for giving WSFL such a careful and complete review. I'm glad I have the chance to read your review before purchasing the program. I can see how I could benefit from this plan.

If everything goes according to schedule, I will complete NROL4W by the end of the year. To combat some of the usual holiday/winter weight gain, I'm considering following this program during January.

Thanks again for the great review.


Kelley Moore said...

Hi Gabriella, it's good to hear from you! That's great timing with NROL4W! I think you will really like the pace and challenge of WSFL at that point, it's a super program for January. I'll post more when I find out about version 2, but version 1 is fantastic. It gives you the opportunity to do some heavy lifts at the beginning of the workouts and then do timed sets where you can try to beat your time each session, which is fun. I made myself some index cards with the workouts on them so all I had to do was grab the one for that day when I was walking out the door. Can't wait to hear if you do it and if so, what you think!