Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten Reasons Why I Workout

It's not easy fitting in time at the gym, at home or in a hotel room to get in a good workout, even when you love it! I've learned that I have to make it a priority, or life just happens and next thing I know it's time for bed again. There will be plenty of obstacles in the way each day, including the ones in our minds that want to make us think it's selfish to take care of our bodies.

I workout so I can...

...swing my granddaughter in circles until we're both dizzy

...catch my 80 year old Dad when he's falling

...lie on the floor and do chest presses with my grandson because it makes him smile

...keep up with my bodybuilding husband (who is 16 years older!)

...take care of the one body God entrusted to me

...learn all I can about fitness in order to be of help to others

...keep functioning through the second half of my life (Deo Volente)

...wear my bathing suit on family vacations

...walk all over Rome again one day

...sprint in case of emergency!

If you workout, what are some of the reasons you do? If you don't, why not? I would love to hear about what motivates you.

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Smoketheblowfish said...

Great post Ms. Kelley!

Story time!!!

Monday evening my daughter and I were at the park and she made mention that her (20ish male) camp counselor did 10 pull ups on the climbing rings (at her Day Camp). She gave me a slightly quizzical look and said, "well?". I grabbed the bars and knocked out 11 and said to her, "see if he can do any more, I've got a few extra saved up".

'Why' is the question. For me, it is so I can be in good enough shape to do virtually anything I want to or can conceive of. If I want to, I know I can:

* run 5 miles
* pump out 60+ push ups
* walk aimlessly and endlessly
* not suffer from agonizing ailments
* run around with a bunch of neighborhood kids (and keep up with them)
* mow without a shirt
* not jiggle when I drive over a pot-hole
* do what I preach

later Kelley...excellent topic!

verification word: pusuates

smoke definition: people who wimp out of workout session by taking the easy route.

"Look at those losers on the treadmills, they're supporting most of their bodyweight with the handles...what a bunch of pusuates"