Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TRX FitDeck

For our anniversary we got a TRX Suspension Training System. It is hanging from a ceiling beam in our make-shift gym/garage.

We love it. It's a lot more challenging than it seems, but the cool thing is that it's fun and adds some variety to our training. Whether you've been training a while or you're a novice you can do this. Bodyweight exercising is very effective and then when you add elements such as suspension you can really get a workout. In fact, I'd suggest that anyone who has been lifting a while and possibility neglecting bodyweight exercises pick this up and try it, it can be tremendous metabolic work for fat loss. You can do interval work with it, supersets, total body, finishers, etc. The same is true of someone who is just getting started and does know what equipment to purchase. This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I've ever used. My favorite move right now is the atomic push-up which combines a push-up with a jack-knife to work your abs (feet are in the straps with hands on the floor). There are several free workouts floating around on the internet that you can immediately try and Fitness Anywhere has a great website. It includes an entire community of people and information. There is a blog, tips for suspension training, a newsletter you can sign up for and numerous articles. They also offer classes and instruction all over the country. My favorite feature of the website is the video library and don't forget to follow these guys on Twitter.

Today they made the TRX FitDeck available on-line and I just purchased mine. It's like a deck of cards and each one represents a different TRX exercise, for a total of 26. I think it will be great to mix and match and come up with various workouts to keep the variety up. Who knows, maybe I'll just choose a few like I'm playing Old Maid and just do it.

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Vic Magary said...

Thanks for the TRX review! I'm a huge fan of bodyweight training. I usually use the adjustable gymnastic rings myself, but I think the TRX looks more versatile. Thanks again!

Kelley Moore said...

Hey Vic, thanks so much for checking out my blog! My goal is really to pass on things that I learn and experience so others on a journey to get fit might find something helpful. I appreciate your blog as well and I'd love for you to comment as often as you like! k