Monday, December 8, 2008

Fitness and Nutrition Goals

I just revisted my fitness and nutrition goals.

I find this process challenging. I don't have a problem with determining action items, but without a goal my action items become scattered, inefficient and inconsistent. Developing a specific goal is much harder but a complete necessity in a fitness/nutrition program. At first, all I can think is that I want to drop weight, buy jeans or a bathing suit without post-shopping depression, or for my belly not to jiggle when I do forward lunges with dumbbells. Those, however are not effective or motivating goals. Examples of specific goals might be:

  • My body fat will be X % by X date.
  • Master 90% compliance with nutrition plan over next 4 weeks.
  • Complete current fitness program by X date.

I find this process annoying. Why can't I just do this without having to have written goals? I might be able to start off that way, but it would be based on will-power (short-lived) and a perfect schedule (what?). So I must make them clear and measurable. I have to write them down and revisit them regularly. It removes the emotion, the ebb and flow of enthusiasm, and forces me to work around obstacles.

I find this process interesting. There is a lot to learn about human nature from this process. Why is writing down a goal, revisiting it and striving to achieve it so intimidating? Because when I write it down, it's more of a commitment. When I revisit it, I feel more convicted to make good choices for things I can control. When I put a date to it, I have to face whether or not I hit the mark and take responsibility. I have to work hard to achieve it.

Here's the great part. When achieve my goal, I get to set a new one.

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